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During Cataract Surgery

What to Expect During Your Cataract Surgery

Once patients arrive at the Milan Eye Center surgery center for their cataract surgery, they must check in at the front desk. Patients will then be directed to a surgical waiting room. A nurse will bring the patient back to our Pre-Op area where blood pressure will be taken and an IV will be started.

Then an anesthetist will visit with the patient in order to go over the anesthesia plan in depth. Typically, cataract patients will have IV sedation along with a local anesthetic.

However, because patients will be conscious during the procedure, it is important that they always look toward the bright operating room lights. Additionally, patients should not talk during the procedure in order to keep their head from shaking unnecessarily unless you have a pressing question or concern. For example if you have to move, cough, or sneeze during the procedure alert the doctor before doing so.

As one of the most commonly performed surgical procedures, cataract surgery is performed in ten to fifteen minutes. Once the short procedure has been completed, the patient will be taken to a post-operative area where they will be able to rest, relax, and watch television. A nurse will bring the patient’s family back to the room in order to go over the post-operative plans for care.